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HP Power Pack - Power bank - 20100 mAh - 60 Watt - 3 output connectors (USB, USB-C) - on cable: USB, USB-C - Canada - for Pavilion 15; Spectre 13; Spectre x2; x360



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HP Power Pack - Power bank - 20100 mAh - 60 Watt - 3 output connectors (USB, USB-C) - on cable: USB, USB-C - Canada - for Pavilion 15; Spectre 13; Spectre x2; x360
Product Type:
  • Power bank
  • 6.7 in
  • 2.9 in
  • 0.9 in
  • 15.17 oz
  • French / Canada
Power Device
Output connectors:
  • Total 3: 4 pin USB Type A, 24 pin USB-C
Power Provided:
  • 60 Watt
Detachable Cable Connector Type:
  • USB Type A, USB-C
Power Device Details:
  • 4 pin USB Type A
  • 2 x USB-C
  • 20100 mAh
Included Accessories:
  • Protective case
Cables Included:
  • USB-C cable
Manufacturer Warranty
Service & Support:
  • Limited warranty - 1 year
Compatibility Information
Designed For:
  • HP Pavilion 15-ck000no, 15-ck000ns, 15-ck001ng, 15-ck001nl, 15-ck001ns, 15-ck001nw, 15-ck002ng, 15-ck002nl, 15-ck002np, 15-ck003nl, 15-ck004nb, 15-ck005nf, 15-ck006ng, 15-ck007ns, 15-ck008no, 15-ck008ns, 15-ck009nf, 15-ck010ca, 15-ck010nf, 15-ck012nl, 15-ck012ns, 15-ck013nf, 15-ck013nl, 15-ck016ns, 15-ck018nl, 15-ck020nf, 15-ck021nf, 15-ck022nf, 15-ck025nd, 15-ck026nd, 15-ck029nl, 15-ck030nl, 15-ck031ng, 15-ck032nl, 15-ck033nl, 15-ck039nl, 15-ck042nd, 15-ck064nz, 15-ck070nz, 15-ck080nd, 15-ck093nd, 15-ck096nz
  • HP Spectre 13-af000nw, 13-af001nd, 13-af001nf, 13-af001nl, 13-af001nw, 13-af002nl, 13-af002np, 13-af003na, 13-af005nd, 13-af005nf, 13-af005nl, 13-af007nb, 13-af010ca, 13-af010tu, 13-af013nf, 13-af020tu, 13-af025nf, 13-af026nf, 13-af026tu, 13-af027tu, 13-af030nd, 13-af034ng, 13-af035ng, 13-af051nr, 13-af052na, 13-af054na, 13-af081nz
  • HP Spectre x2 12-c023tu
  • HP Spectre x360 13-ac005no, 13-ac010na, 13-ac034nf, 13-ac035nf, 13-ac080nd, 13-ac081ng, 13-ac092ms, 13-ae000np, 13-ae000ns, 13-ae000nz, 13-ae001nf, 13-ae001nl, 13-ae001no, 13-ae001nw, 13-ae002no, 13-ae002ns, 13-ae002nw, 13-ae003nw, 13-ae004ng, 13-ae004nl, 13-ae004np, 13-ae005nd, 13-ae005nf, 13-ae006nb, 13-ae006nf, 13-ae007nb, 13-ae007nd, 13-ae008nb, 13-ae008nc, 13-ae008nd, 13-ae009nb, 13-ae010no, 13-ae010tu, 13-ae011nf, 13-ae012nf, 13-ae013nf, 13-ae013nl, 13-ae015ca, 13-ae019nf, 13-ae019nl, 13-ae020ca, 13-ae021tu, 13-ae026tu, 13-ae033ng, 13-ae034ng, 13-ae038ng, 13-ae039ng, 13-ae040ca, 13-ae043ng, 13-ae044tu, 13-ae048ng, 13-ae048tu, 13-ae049ng, 13-ae050nz, 13-ae050tu, 13-ae051nr, 13-ae051nz, 13-ae052nr, 13-ae053na, 13-ae055na, 13-ae055nr, 13-ae056tu, 13-ae058tu, 13-ae059nz, 13-ae059tu, 13-ae061nz, 13-ae080nz, 13-ae088nz, 13-ae092nz, 13-ae094nz, 13-ae098nz, 13-ae099nz, 13-ae509tu, 15-bl000nl, 15-bl003nl, 15-bl018ca, 15-bl062nr, 15-bl081ng, 15-bl100no, 15-bl102nf, 15-bl103nf, 15-bl104nb, 15-bl130ng, 15-bl131ng, 15-bl150na, 15-bl152nr, 15-bl170nz, 15-ch015nr

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S20784378 HP Inc. 2XF31AA#ABC 192018196179 HP Power Pack new
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